Ray O’Connor

  1. When did you start running and what got you interested in it?
    I gave up smoking 30 a day and committed to run the New York Marathon in 2000 for charity to stick to it.
  2. How many marathons have you run?
  3. What’s your favourite event?
    I’m about to run the London Marathon for the 10th time so I guess that is one of my favourites. But I was really taken by the Vienna Marathon. Strauss music blaring along the last mile sent shivers down my spine 🙂
  4. How many miles do you run in a typical week?
    Right now… 0. But when I’m fit and training I’d be at about 70 usually.
  5. What’s your best ever running performance?
    I would think there are three.
    10 marathons in 10 days in 2010 Brathay UK – average 3:43 2nd time doing it.
    Not many people would know I was the first Irish person to run 10 official marathons in 10 days. That was in Brathay UK in 2008
    Connemara 100 20:37
    Surviving Marathon Des Sables 2009!
  6. What running shoes do you wear and do you wear racing flats?
    Ronhill – No. I wore racing flats once and got injured 🙁
  7. What was your worst marathon experience?
    I really struggled in the closing stages of the Zermatt Marathon in the Alps. But the finish was around 2,500 meters so it was tough going. And as Johnny Healy knows, his original Killeigh Marathon route forced me to DNF TWICE!
  8. How fast could you run a mile on a track?
    When fit – 5:40. Now probably 7:00.
  9. What’s your marathon PB?
    Utrecht Marathon in Holland as a training run for the 10 in 10 2010. Steve Edwards (700 sub 3:30 Marathons) paced me. Here’s a quick story. I left Galway at 2am. Got the 6:30am flight from Dublin to Amsterdam. Hopped on the train in Schiphol to Utrecht. Steve had my number ready at the start line. 9:30am start. Ran 3:16. Headed straight back to the airport. Flight at 5:30pm to Dublin and I was home at 11pm. 21 hours. Phew.
  10. What’s the best piece of training advice you were ever given?
    Yasoo 800’s – Without doubt the best marathon speed session out there. Google it 🙂
  11. Have you ever had a serious running injury?
    Nothing serious – But sometimes the biggest running injury I get is in my head when I get into the habit of not training.
  12. What training session do you find the hardest/dislike the most and what’s your favourite session?
    As a typical marathon runner I love really long runs along the forest trails behind my house. There’s an 18 mile loop which is handy. And I really don’t like running anything under 10 miles… and I really hate racing 5K.
  13. What is the longest race you have completed?
    103 miles in the Espoo 24 hour indoor.
  14. Do you have a Favourite quote running or otherwise?
    Mick Rice shared this one with me…
    “I was running past rocks and trees as if they were standing still”
    and another ultra quote offering sound advice
    “Start slow and then slow down”
  15. Weirdest food you’ve ever eaten during a marathon?
    Not food, but one time during the Connemara 100 I got very sick, so from mile 35 to finish the only thing I took onboard was milk. Probably 4 litres!
  16. Strangest thing you’ve ever seen during a marathon?
    Me drinking only milk during the Connemara 100 🙂
  17. What usually goes through your head as you cross the finish line of a marathon?
    Thank F*** That’s Over.
  18. Do you get narky if you don’t get a run in?
    I used to but I’m very used to it right now :/
  19. Have you ever considered how you’d handle it if you couldn’t run again?
    I often ponder this question but I really cannot see anyone introducing me as the guy that used to run. So I don’t think it’s an option and even if I couldn’t run I’d say most of us would still complete marathons in whatever way we can.
  20. What event have you not yet completed that you would like to do the most in the future?
    Badwater. Badwater. Badwater.

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