Marathon Club Ireland Members

2018 membership – 382   (123 / 259) 

Members registered for 2019 – 328  (104 / 228)         05.06.19

Adams-Byrne Alison
Allen Sarah
Aquino Dante
Armstrong Ryan
Barry Anita
Belshaw Andy
Beure Richard
Biggs Roger
Bissett Paul
Bourke Richard
Bowes Paula
Boyle Shaun
Boyle John
Bracken Paul
Brady David
Brasier Stephen
Brennan Daniel
Brosnan Rose
Brosnan Betty
Brown Francis
Browne Clifford
Bruce Yvonne
Brunnock Paul
Bubendorfer Thomas
Buckley Cillian
Buckley Ger
Buggy David
Butler Patricia
Byrne Eamonn
Byrne Billy
Cahill Christy
Campbell Gerard
Carey John
Carney David
Carroll Rebecca
Cassidy Siobhan
Cassidy Donal
Cawley Geraldine
Cebrian Jehu
Chapman John
Chapman Michelle
Cheevers Paul
Chester Willie John
Cleary Michael
Clifford Mark
Cochrane Niall
Colhoun Colm
Concannon Mick
Connolly Stephen
Connolly Jacqueline
Cosgrove Sue
Costello Liam
Counihan John
Crampton Tommy
Cremin Eoin
Croke Ciaran
Crossan Seán
Cummins Raymond
Cunningham Linda
Curtis Peadar
Cusack Conor
Daly Michael
Daly Patrick
Delanty Philip
Dermody Celeste
Dixon Susan
Dolan Jonathan
Donoghue Eileen
Dooley Eddie
Dowling Dermot
Doyle Brendan
Doyle Diana
Doyle Sean
Duffy Oonagh
Duffy Dolores
Duggan John 
Dunne Rosarii
Dunne Philip
Dwyer Tim
Egan Kieran
Egan Eamonn
Enright Tom
Fagan Brian
Fahey John
Fahy Noel
Fairweather Colin
Fay Lynda
Fay Gerard
Fenelon Liam
Field Ivan
Fitzgerald Jarlath
Fitzgibbons Sheila
Flaherty Gerry
Flevas Costas
Floyd Paul
Flynn Cathy
Foley Lucy
Forde Jerry
Fox Paddy
Francis Brenda G.
Gallagher Liam
Garcia Adolfo
Gibson Andy
Gilligan Hennessy Suzanne
Gino Paolo
Glavin Bernice
Gordon Nicholas
Gordon John
Gough Terri
Gough James
Greene Coleman
Griffin John
Griffin Stephen
Guiney William
Guthrie Vincent
Guthrie Catherine
Hall Neilie
Hanly Mary
Hannon Don
Hannon Catherine
Hanratty John
Haugh Keith
Haydon Michael
Hayes Eamonn
Healy Johnny
Healy Martin
Hegarty Helen 
Hindson Terry
Hogan Paul
Hogan Aidan
Hunt John
Hunter Norman
Hurley Eimear
Jackson Jackie
Johnston Arron
Joyce Des
Kavanagh-Morrissey Susan
Keady Alan
Keane Denis
Kearney Shane
Keating Olivia
Kehoe Dylan
Kelly Steven
Kelly James
Kenny Noel
Keogh Sean
Keogh Lisa
Kiernan Joseph
Kiernan Edel
Killeen Jamie
Killeen Gemma
Labuguen Cary
Larkin Rodge
Lawlor Ray
Leahy Tom
Leddy Neal
Lenharth Andrew
Logue Alan
Love Trevor
Lundy Leo
Lynn Deirdre
Mackessy Derek
Mackessy Maryse
Madden Carol
Mahon Claire
Matthews Thomas
McAnulty Elaine
McAvoy Philip
McCann Jill
McCarthy Dan
McCavera Paul
McCleary Andy
McCleary AnnaMarie
McConville-Kennedy Dawn
McCormack Tara
McCormack Dermot
McDermott Elaine
McDonald Tom
McElroy Robert
McEneaney Charlotte
McEneaney Sarah
McEnery Michael
McEvoy Patrick
McGonigal Peter
McGowan Patrick
McKenna John
McKeon Patrick
McLaughlin Lou
McLoughlin Bernard
McMahon Michael
McManamon Tommy
McManus Francis
McManus John
McMurdie Ronnie
McNamara Regina
McSweeney Helene
Meany Tom
Mercie Patrick
Millard Daniel
Millard Sabrina
Mills Carol-Anne 
Mockett Paddy
Mockett Patricia
Molloy Paul
Montgomery Peter
Mooney Stephen
Mooney Janet
Morrin Liz
Moynihan Humphrey
Muhlwald Alexander
Mulkeen David
Murdoch Brigid
Murphy Paul
Murphy Bregeen
Murphy Eamonn
Murphy Deirdre
Murphy Angela
Murray Laura
Musial Wojciech
Myers Mike
Naughton Kevin 
Neville Jeremiah
Ní Mhullain Fiona
Norwood David
Nugent James
O’Beirne Greg
O’Brien Maurice
O’Brien Denis
O’Brien David
O’Connell JJ
O’Connell Gerard
O’Connor Ray
O’Connor Miriam
O’Donnell Ronan
O’Flaherty Tiger
O’Hagan Collette
O’Keefe Pat
O’Keeffe Brenda
O’Leary Declan
O’Leary Sean
O’Leary Ted
Olwill Maurice
O’Mahoney Stephen
O’Mahony Brendan
O’Mara Fionnuala
O’Meara Patrick
O’Neill Catherine
O’Neill Conor
O’Neill Eleanor
O’Neill George
O’Reilly Tommy
O’Riordan Thomas
O’Rourke Louise
O’Shea Alex
O’Sullivan Loretto
O’Sullivan Brian
O’Sullivan Gillian
O’Sullivan Sheehan Louise
O’Toole Peter
Paddle Norman
Pamula Agnieszka
Pender Rock
Peralta Salvador
Phelan Timothy
Pierse Garoid
Polchowska Izabela
Power James
Proven Neil
Prue Fiona
Quirke Cashman Lisa
Reddan Katherine
Reid Jacqueline
Reilly Wesley
Reynolds Tom
Riddell Alastair
Rigney Larry
Ring Triona
Ring Stephen
Roche Patrick
Roche Gillian
Roche Annmarie
Rose Sheila
Ross Innes Angela
Roughneen Dualta
Ryan Maighread
Ryan Eoin
Ryan Owen
Salmon Eric
Scanlan Alan
Schwartz Lori
Schwartz Mike
Scott Deirdre
Sell Matthew
Shanaghy Dawn
Shanley Peter
Shannon Richard
Sharkey Sinead
Shaughnessy Myriam
Sheehan Nuala
Sheehan James
Skelton Neal
Sludds Margaret
Smith Donald
Somcio Janilo
Stack Anna
Sweeney John
Taaffe Barry
Taylor Suzy
Thompson Sean
Thornton Neil
Titier Pauline
Toal Stephen
Toher Mary
Toomey David
Toomey Mary
Torpey Patrick
Twomey Paul
Walker Mark
Walsh Noel
Ward Michael
Warnke Mirko
Whelan Brian
Wilcox Traviss
Winters Eugene
Withero Eugene
Wrenne David
Wright Paula
Young Wayne


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  • Welcome to the Marathon Club Ireland / 100 Marathon Club Ireland website.

    Marathon Club Ireland was formed to encourage all aspects of marathon running in Ireland, from participation to organisation. We are a group of like minded individuals who complete 26.2 mile races for fun, for a sense of achievement and mostly in a quest to complete 100 marathons, or more. Influenced by the highly respected 100 Marathon Club UK, the club was formed in November 2010 and is a non-profit body run by a committee of elected volunteers.

    Club membership is open to those who have completed one or more marathons and achievement awards can be presented to mark the completion of 25 , 50, 75 & 100 marathons. These medals are purchased by members and can be awarded by a selected member at a convenient race, with the exception of the 100 Marathon Medal. The prestigious 100 Marathon Medal is awarded free by the club, with the stipulation that the recipient must be a paid member for at least one year immediately prior to the year in which they receive the award. This is due to the fact that the 100 medal costs more than the annual membership fee.

    Achievement medals/awards – Club members wishing to receive achievement awards for 25, 50, 75 or 100 marathons should submit their list of completed marathons on an excel spreadsheet (sample provided below) to for verification, allowing at least 2 weeks for processing.

    Marathon lists for should give details of each marathon completed (event name, location, date, race number and finish time)

    Download a sample marathon list spreadsheet  here

  • Benefits of joining:

    Sharing marathon experiences throughout Ireland and abroad.
    Sharing knowledge and tips on events, training and travel.

    Authorised to wear official ‘Marathon Club Ireland’ gear, or ‘100 Marathon Club Ireland’ gear if you have completed 100 or more marathons.

    Reductions on entry fee to Marathon Club Ireland events and many other races. Details on these incentives are sent out in the club’s newsletter emails.

    Participation in club organised events throughout the year.