MCI Tralee Marathon and Half Marathon Results Day 2, 10th July 2016

First Name Last Time Time
John Griffin 03:19:40
Thomas Shanahan 03:19:49
Paul Murphy 03:26:25
Gillian Cordner 03:26:25
Francis Mcmanus 03:37:46
Brendan O’Mahony 03:41:21
Anthony Sheridan 03:43:06
Brian Ankers 03:43:06
Aidan Sheridan 03:44:00
John Mcmanus 03:44:55
Gary Connoly 03:52:12
John Chapman 03:53:10
Alan Gorski 03:55:10
Paul Brunnock 03:56:14
David Toomey 03:56:44
Brian Whelan 03:59:34
Mirko Warnke 04:04:59
Wojciech Musial 04:10:54
Neilie Hall 04:13:24
Paul Hogan 04:14:18
Michael Dunphy 04:16:30
Shaun Boyle 04:23:56
Mark Kells 04:25:05
James Dennehy 04:26:35
Patrick Roche 04:27:07
Rock Pender 04:27:53
Jill McCann 04:27:53
Nicholas Gordon 04:27:53
Eugene Winters 04:30:04
Michael McEnery 04:31:02
Mick Concannon 04:35:06
Neil McSorley 04:35:44
John McCormack 04:40:58
Jonathon Dolan 04:51:21
Liz Torrin 04:51:50
Lucy Foley 04:52:01
David Brady 04:54:34
Fintan Power 04:59:07
Leslie Crawford 04:59:51
Emer Conway 04:59:57
Gerard Fay 05:04:25
Catherine Guthrie 05:07:48
Marie Chapman 05:07:48
Dipak Vala 05:07:48
Theresa Grimes 05:07:57
Paul Comerford 05:09:28
Regina McNamara 05:11:37
Allison Byrne 05:12:34
Michael Haydon 05:21:21
Larry Rigney 05:26:16
Deaghlan O’Suilleabhan 05:37:40
Tiger O’Flaherty 05:39:26
Valerie Burke 05:39:26
Shane Dunphy 05:39:26
Patrick Mercie 05:39:26
Shane Dunphy 05:39:26
Ciara Armstrong 05:40:24
Collette O’Hagan 05:44:37
Terri Gough 05:47:48
Phillip Mcavoy 05:51:35
Kerry Archibald 05:51:35
Humphrey Moynihan 06:23:34
Teresa Taaffe 06:27:28
James Gough 06:30:55
C Fenelon 06:31:09
Rebecca Carroll 06:31:09
Peter McG 06:31:10
Carol Madden 06:48:16
Brenda Dunphy 07:15:42
Mary Toomey 07:15:42

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