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MCI Dundalk Marathon – 11th September 2016


George Shields 2:59:32
Micheal Dillon 2:59:48
Francis Mc manus 3:20:29
Aidan Hogan 3:25:45
Gregory O’Beirne 3:40:05
Terry Horsfield 3:40:19
Terry Horsfield 3:40:19
Andy Califf 3:43:50
Kris Ryan 3:43:50
Eugene Winters 3:52:39
Aodhagan Fitzsimons 3:53:59
Tommy O’Reilly 3:55:00
Tony Curran 3:55:02
Gordon Glass 3:55:17
Joe Berney 3:57:32
Leo Lundy 3:58:11
Marie Chapman 3:59:12
Helena Dornan 4:01:15
Tomás Rogers 4:03:44
Lemul Leonardo 4:04:28
Noel Litchkiezo 4:05:09
Shane Kearney 4:06:15
Lorne Gallagher 4:08:27
Patrick Torpey 4:09:42
Joanne Fearon 4:11:02
Paula Wright 4:11:06
David Hills 4:11:50
Sean Mason 4:12:59
Paul Comerford 4:15:16
Fionnuala O’Mara 4:18:04
Michael Ward 4:19:24
Salvador Peralta 4:20:16
AnnaMarie Mc Cleary 4:20:25
Dean Collins 4:22:08
Stephen OConnor 4:23:14
Johnny Healy 4:26:28
Alastair Riddell 4:28:40
Barry Shanks 4:31:04
John Doyle 4:32:01
Karen McElroy 4:32:16
Shane Dunphy 4:32:30
Breda McCann 4:33:02
Jonathan Lindsay 4:33:11
jerry o’connor 4:33:14
Mark Haigney 4:34:16
Jacqueline Hughes 4:34:49
Peter Mc Donnell 4:35:21
Mark Ramsey 4:35:23
Stephen Brasier 4:36:19
Pauline Titier 4:36:19
Joseph Kierian 4:36:19
David Garey 4:37:52
Siobhan Cassidy 4:40:32
Ray Cassin 4:42:33
Catriona Quilter 4:43:36
Aiden Sheridan 4:43:36
Emma McMenamy 4:43:59
David Brady 4:46:15
Michael Williams 4:47:21
Sean McGann 4:50:15
Dan O Hagan 4:50:15
Simon Hallissey 4:52:03
Brian Ó Sé 4:52:03
Denise Murphy 4:55:49
Jill McCann 4:58:44
Kevin Sherry 4:58:44
Gillian Cordner 4:58:44
Gary Connolly 4:58:44
Joshua Brinkmann 4:59:45
Theresa Grimes 4:59:59
Larry Rigney 5:02:01
Michael McKeown 5:03:10
Charlotte Mc Eneaney 5:03:11
Bootsy Fearon 5:03:11
collin alexander 5:04:21
Maighread Ryan 5:04:30
Barbara Sludds 5:06:06
Gerard Fay 5:08:00
Norman Paddle 5:12:36
Ciara Armstrong 5:16:57
Deirdre Boland 5:22:11
John Kelly 5:22:11
Neil McSorley 5:27:25
Ronnie Mc murdie 5:27:25
Mark Orr 5:27:25
Valerie Tavey 5:31:56
Moya Gibbons 5:34:26
Alison Byrne 5:41:11
Rebecca Carroll 5:41:11
Michael Mayer 5:42:17
Francey McGiverin 5:42:39
Susan Dixon 5:44:20
Eimear Hurley 5:49:53
Peter McGlynn 5:49:53
Hugh Carolan 5:51:25
Michelle Burke 5:53:59
Humphery Moynihan 5:56:55
Suzy Taylor 5:58:10
Team Kerr 5:58:10
Rochelle oRioidon 5:58:10
Tena Griffin 5:58:10
Séamus Dornan 6:03:14
Carol Madden 6:06:58
Liam Felon 6:09:15
killian devlin 6:27:28
Jerry Forde 6:46:25

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