Maurice Olwill

Q1.When did you start running and what got you interested in it?

– Always ran on and off over the years but started seriously again in 2004.

Q2. How many marathons have you run?

– 34

Q3. What’s your favorite event?

Anything marathon distance or longer and particularly off-road. Love the Burren and Mourne-way marathons.

Q4. How many miles do you run in a typical week?

Anything between 20 and 60 miles

Q5.  What’s your best ever running performance?

Nearly catching you (CF) at the Burren this year.

Q6. What running shoes do you wear and do you wear racing flats?

Asics Kayano and GT2160 both for the more robust gentleman!!! Also starting to try barefoot!

Q7. What was your worst marathon experience?

WOI Salthill on a very icy December 4th last year. Suffered and slipped through all 26 odd mile of it

Q8. How fast could you run a mile on a track?

Flat out and willing to vomit about 6 minutes.

Q9. What’s your marathon PB?


Q10. What’s the best piece of training advice you were ever given?

You’ll always regret what you didn’t do, not what you tried.

Q11. Have you ever had a serious running injury?

No – usually only my pride.

Q12. What training session do you find the hardest/dislike the most and what’s your favorite session?

Hill repeat intervals – hard but don’t dislike but also don’t do enough of them.
Favourite – Connemarathon (I know it’s not a session)

Q13. What is the longest race you have completed?

39.3 mile ultra marathon

Q14.  Do you have a Favorite quote [running or otherwise?]

“Man gets tired, spirit don’t. Man surrenders, spirit won’t”. Mike Scott(The Waterboys)
“I want to hit the box with everything worn out or busted” (Olwill)

Q15. Weirdest food you’ve ever eaten during a marathon?

Maybe dry roasted peanuts.

Q16.  Strangest thing you’ve ever seen during a marathon?

Conor Flanagan’s unbelievably hairy arse when he dropped the togs running past Lough Inagh lodge last year. I think you featured in Dave Brady’s strangest too.

Q17. What usually goes through your head as you cross the finish line of a marathon?

Usually Yahoooooooooooo!!

Q18. Do you get narky if you don’t get a run in?

Yes but I do try not to be.

Q19. Have you ever considered how you’d handle it if you couldn’t run again?

Reckon I’d start cycling a lot.

Q20.  What event have you not yet completed that you would like to do the most in the future?

Connemara 100 mile.

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