Marathon Club Ireland Lilliput Half Marathon Results 23rd January 2016

LOOBY, MAURICE 240 01:22:59
CARTHY, MEL 218 01:28:05
McCormack, Evan 225 01:29:34
Geoghegan, Oliver 233 01:34:14
O’Hara, Mike 246 01:34:48
Glemon, Vincent 220 01:36:57
Healy, Grainne 121 01:41:45
McCormack, Noel 183 01:41:45
Corcoran, Paul 231 01:43:56
Ryan, Mike 227 01:44:04
Reihill, Kevin 217 01:44:52
Boyle, Brian 239 01:48:28
Murray, David 229 01:50:52
O’Halloran, Gerard 219 01:51:59
Corcoran, Jan 232 01:51:59
Kenny, Anthony 245 01:53:42
Monaghan, Patrina 236 01:54:08
Darling, Brian 234 01:55:38
Braiser, Stephen 235 01:58:48
Tiernan, David 242 01:59:59
Borthnick, Dots 237 02:01:10
Gallagher, Nicola 222 02:05:43
O’Hanlon, Edel 210 02:08:58
O’Sullivan,Gillian 223 02:08:58
Doyle, Madeline 241 02:08:58
Armstrong, Vanessa 215 02:10:40
Heraty, Gerard 216 02:10:40
Mc Cormack, Damien 224 02:13:01
Cribbin, Christoper 208 02:13:10
Clerkin, Daragh 221 02:13:10
Forbes, Fleur 243 02:13:10
Goldsberry, Mary 244 02:13:10
Tierney, Nicola 205 02:24:53
Skelton, Neal 228 02:26:23
Smith, Bernie 228 02:36:23
Balbey, PJ 211 02:39:24
Kiernan, Edel 182 03:30:00
Fitzgibbons, John 230

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  • Welcome

    Welcome to the Marathon Club Ireland website.

    Running a marathon is an amazing achievement. Marathon Club Ireland was formed to encourage all aspects of marathon running in Ireland, from participation to organisation. We are a group of like minded individuals who complete 26.2 mile races for fun, for a sense of achievement and mostly in a quest to complete 100 marathons, or more.

    Influenced by the highly respected 100 Marathon Club UK, the Irish club was formed in November 2010.

    You can join the club on completion of just one marathon. A medal can be presented on completion of 25 , 50, 75 marathons. These can be purchased by members and awarded by a selected member at a convenient race. They can also be posted out.

    The prestigious 100 Marathon Medal is awarded free from the club with one stipulation, that is that the awardee must be a paid member for at least one year prior to the year they receive the award. This is due to the fact that the 100 medal costs the club (wholesale) more than a members annual fee.

    If you would like to apply to join the club download Membership Form Above.

    For those who are already members and need to renew their membership please download above membership form also which will help us keep up to date on any changes to emails, phones numbers etc....

  • Benefits of joining:

    Sharing marathon experiences throughout Ireland and abroad.
    Sharing knowledge and tips on travel.

    Authorised to wear official Club Gear “Marathon Club Ireland” if under 100 marathons and “100 Marathon Club Ireland” if over.

    Reductions on entry fee to some races. Details on these incentives will be released on the member’s email newsletter throughout the year.

    Participation in club organised events – Marathon Club Ireland Championships etc.