• We regret to announce that due to the ongoing Covid-19 (Coronavirus) health concerns, ALL Marathon Club Ireland events, including our 24 HOUR ULTRA EVENT APRIL 2020 – Have been postponed until further notice 


  • MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL – All membership renewals not processed online MUST be accompanied by a signed and completed membership form and returned to the Club secretary


2017 Results

Rock Pender (Male) 03:12:46,81
Denis O’Brien (Male) 03:20:48,81
Rex Brillantes (Male) 03:20:55,21
Brian Delaney (Male) 03:33:00,52
Niall Mc Loughlin (Male) 03:33:00,52
John Mc Donagh (Male) 03:33:01,12
John Chapman (Male) 03:33:01,38
Mark Messitt (Male) 03:34:45,60
Nicholas Gordon (Male) 03:44:48,76
Tommy O’Reilly (Male) 03:51:49,22
Ray Lawlor (Male) 03:57:23,27
David Hills (Male) 03:59:10,36
Paula Wright (Female) 04:04:00,60
Jill Mc Cann (Female) 04:04:11,78
Joseph Kiernan (Male) 04:08:05,33
Stephen Brasier (Male) 04:08:05,40
Patrick Torpey (Male) 04:08:26,21
Richard Bourke (Male) 04:12:43,11
Paul Murphy (Male) 04:13:57,42
Deirdre Dolan (Female) 04:13:57,81
Mary Mc Cormack (Female) 04:13:58,10
David Buggy (Male) 04:15:12,05
John Kealy (Male) 04:15:12,43
Louise Hendrick (Female) 04:20:00,37
Robert Treston (Male) 04:20:12,77
Brendan O’Mahony (Male) 04:20:15,37
Aidan Hogan (Male) 04:20:15,67
Liz Morrin (Female) 04:20:33,93
Liam Costello (Male) 04:21:01,11
Clive Nesbitt (Male) 04:22:54,07
Patrick Roche (Male) 04:23:20,70
Shaun Boyle (Male) 04:23:44,06
Barry Taaffe (Male) 04:23:44,18
Colman Greene (Male) 04:24:24,76
Edel O’Hanlon (Female) 04:25:27,44
Gillian O’Sullivan (Female) 04:25:27,44
Sabrina Millard (Female) 04:26:47,43
Daniel Millard (Male) 04:26:48,27
Sinead Miggin (Female) 04:26:51,55
Tom Reynolds (Male) 04:28:27,43
David Brady (Male) 04:32:29,57
Kevin Naughton (Male) 04:33:35,52
Vanessa Armstrong (Female) 04:34:24,37
Tommy Burke (Male) 04:34:31,06
Sean Crossan (Male) 04:35:14,47
Sinead Phelan (Female) 04:35:14,53
Jonathon Dolan (Male) 04:35:34,55
Sarah Mc Eneaney (Female) 04:35:36,23
Patrick Mercie (Male) 04:36:10,87
Fionnuala O’Mara (Female) 04:38:09,05
Alan Gorski (Male) 04:38:48,14
David Norwood (Male) 04:41:07,70
Maria O’Sullivan (Female) 04:41:57,25
Mark Conlon (Male) 04:42:25,85
James Kelly (Male) 04:43:22,51
John O’Sullivan (Male) 04:44:29,72
Caroline Reid (Female) 04:44:29,93
John Mc Cormack (Male) 04:44:31,83
Ray Burke (Male) 04:46:36,36
Séamus Murtagh (Male) 04:48:40,36
Rebecca Carroll (Female) 04:48:42,28
Salvador Peralta (Male) 04:49:58,77
Collette O’Hagan (Female) 04:50:10,00
Brian Byrne (Male) 04:51:17,63
Mirko Warnke (Male) 04:51:32,71
David Cassidy (Male) 04:52:12,65
Siobhán Dowling (Female) 04:52:50,89
Paul Comerford (Male) 04:52:50,97
Mick Concannon (Male) 04:54:07,20
Francis Mc Manus (Male) 04:57:10,20
Donna Mc Loughlin (Female) 04:57:10,46
Paulo Margelino (Male) 04:59:13,23
Janilo Somcio () 04:59:16,73
Adolfo Garcia (Male) 05:01:43,93
Charlotte Mc Eneaney (Female) 05:03:48,86
Christy Ross (Male) 05:05:53,56
Nuala Sheehan (Female) 05:05:53,62
Larry Rigney (Male) 05:06:48,55
Paul Cheevers (Male) 05:06:54,18
Cathy Quintton (Female) 05:07:15,41
Aidan Sheridan (Male) 05:07:42,10
Wojciech Musial (Male) 05:16:14,37
Cian Armstrong (Male) 05:17:22,27
Jimmy Nuggent (Male) 05:24:39,57
Terri Gough (Female) 05:37:59,20
Theresa Grimes (Female) 05:40:34,44
Killian Devlin (Male) 05:44:45,74
Kathleen Cheshire (Female) 05:45:01,25
Susan Dixon (Female) 05:50:43,03
Philip Mc Evoy (Male) 05:50:43,31
Hugh Carolan (Male) 05:52:23,89
Peter Mc Glynn (Male) 05:56:25,39
Julie Byrne (Female) 06:01:15,36
Brendan Dunphy (Male) 06:01:15,54
Simon Hallissey (Male) 06:04:17,76
Brian O’Sé (Male) 06:04:18,33
Gerry Forde (Male) 06:06:54,78
James Gough (Male) 06:08:01,33
Carol Madden (Female) 06:09:57,97
Sean Thompson (Male) 06:13:38,07
Liam Fenelon (Male) 06:13:38,13
Conor Cusack (Male) 06:23:57,15

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  • Welcome to the Marathon Club Ireland / 100 Marathon Club Ireland website.

    Marathon Club Ireland was formed to encourage all aspects of marathon running in Ireland, from participation to organisation. Formed in November 2010 the club is a non-profit body run by a committee of elected volunteers.

    Club membership is open to those who have completed one or more marathons and achievement awards can be purchased to mark the completion of 25 , 50, 75 & 100 marathons.

    Achievement medals/awards for 20, 50 or 75 marathons can be purchased by members, following verification of their marathon list, for presentation by a selected member at a convenient race.

    The prestigious 100 Marathon Medal is usually awarded free by the club, on condition that the recipient is a paid club member for at least one year immediately prior to the year in which they receive the award.

    Members wishing to receive any achievement awards should submit their list of completed marathons on an excel spreadsheet (sample provided below) to marathonlists@yahoo.ie for verification, allowing at least 2 weeks for processing. Once the list has been verified medals can be paid for in person or via our online shop

    Marathon lists for should give details of each marathon completed (event name, location, date, race number and finish time)

    Download a sample marathon list spreadsheet  here

  • Benefits of joining:

    Sharing marathon experiences throughout Ireland and abroad.
    Sharing knowledge and tips on events, training and travel.

    Authorised to wear official ‘Marathon Club Ireland’ gear, or ‘100 Marathon Club Ireland’ gear if you have completed 100 or more marathons.

    Reductions on entry fee to Marathon Club Ireland events and many other races. Details on these incentives are sent out in the club’s newsletter emails.

    Participation in club organised events throughout the year.